Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spinning Plates on Dimes

Sounds a little strange, “spinning plates on dimes.” But we women do it every day and are really quite proficient at it.

Everyones’ plates may be a little different, but we all have lots of plates. There’s the plate of laundry, the plate of cooking dinner, of taxiing children, the plate of friendships, and caring for our spouse, outside jobs, paying bills, caring for pets or maybe for our parents, then there are the plates we try to squeeze in like our online business, maybe some exercise, or quiet time with God. Life can truly be a circus…………at least that’s how I felt today as my plates came crashing down.

Ever have those days? Wake up to too many hormones, all the plates feel like they need attention at the same time and when they don’t get it, they start to crash.

Then come the dimes. Dimes can be good or bad. Today I had both. Running late to pick up my daughter from high school because I had the “get just one more thing done” syndrome going before I left the house.......then comes the dime, she gets in the car with the sweetest smile and all giggles. We have a fun conversation and suddenly my day turns on a dime. At 15 sweet conversations are to be savored and so this “dime” brought everything to a stand still for a peaceful moment and made all those crazy plates seem a little less stressful. So I take her home and run out to take care of few errands before dinner. Cell phone rings ………here comes the next dime, and it’s not as sweet as the first. My son who used to be nicknamed “smiley” is now in an all out fuss in two seconds flat over why we cannot go to dollar taco night with his friend even though we are having tacos for dinner at home tonight. Not much makes sense at 13.

As I catch myself sinking back into the negative drag of too many plates and too much attitude, I realize something. As long as my moods are attached to my teenager’s I will always be “spinning on dimes.” So let’s hope awareness is half the battle!

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