Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Steps

Day one…where to begin?

The most amazing things in life all begin with that first step. So here goes mine…..thanks for being a part, by taking time to read.

At 44 I am a college educated stay at home Mom. The last 15 years have been about raising my two children who are now 13 and 15 and have no real use for me……or at least they like to think so. 

Seeing that this chapter of life will soon transition to the next I began to look for “life after raising kids” …….is there such a thing? When they were toddlers older Mothers used to tell me “how quickly it would fly” ….”NOT”, I thought in my often isolated exhaustion. Now I see they were right. I have been known to sit on the edge of their beds at night to see them in the sweetness of sleep. No longer worrying if they will sleep all night, but cherishing the nights they will sleep in their rooms down the hall. Because I can see now that this chapter will end all too soon.

Embracing the change as positively as I know how, enter Vintage Bon Bons. What started with one fun auction on eBay has blossomed into an exciting online business adventure. I’ll tell that story later….. and would love to hear yours.

I hope you will visit again so we can get to know each other, sharing what we have learned along the way in life, as Moms, as women, and in the interesting world of online business. Lots to come in the way of life at 40 somethingish, business features on all types of topics to improve your business, interviews with online business owners sharing their stories and tips, life in bon bon land and the never dull world of raising teens, plus some vintage intrigue thrown in for fun.Thanks for stopping by! See you next time........

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