Friday, May 7, 2010

Fun Vintage Friday!

Fun Vintage Friday is all about the 1940’s today, in honor of my Mother who was born in 1946.
"Mom"........calendar girl picture

Imagine life with no television, no fast food, no computer. Think Jitterbug, Glenn Miller Band & Frank Sinatra. Picture yourself at the opening of Casablanca.......

Now you are in the early 1940’s, a decade where much of the American Lifestyle was influenced by World War II. For the first time in America large numbers of women leave the home for the workplace to replace so many men who had gone off to war.

Rosie the Riveter

During the war fashion featured tailored pencil skirts and the first trousers for women.

The mid 40’s saw the end of the war and the look transitioned to a much softer feminine look of full skirts with small waists, and huge pieces of jewelry all very reminiscent of the Victorian Era. . There was something so romantic about the 1940’s……..wearing dresses and dancing to Frank Sinatra.

These women now had TV dinners and a taste of independence. What would come next?! Fast forward six decades………Pizza gets delivered to your house! So it’s Friday night and I’ve got some on the way. What a “win”! I get to sit and talk with you all about the romantic 40’s while someone else brings my dinner. Can’t beat that! Have a fabulous Mother’s Day Weekend! I’m kicking mine off right now……….

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